Clarity On Driver Subscription plan Fees

Hi Team,

I need clarity on fees paid by drivers per subscription plan.Since there are three different driver plans(1-day),(7-days) and (30-days) on Myhub. For example, if I assign a driver to a 30 day plan where the fee is R1000.I see that the system would reflect -R1000 on drive account.And I set R70 as a minimum amount for drivers to accept Jobs for 1day period.So for a driver plan of 30days period for a fee of R1000.Should a driver pay R1000 to convert a negative balance to zero or should they pay R2000 to convert a negative balance to a positive balance of R1000 in order to accept jobs for such plan or period?
Thank you.

Dear Keletso,

In the described case a driver should pay R1070. In the beginning of a driver plan cycle, driver’s balance is charged with the fee per period - R1000 in your case. As you’ve set R70 as the minimum balance to accept jobs, a driver should always have no less than R70 on balance. Otherwise he will not be able to go online and won’t be offered new jobs.