Clarity Over Control Of Driver subscription plans


I need to understand how or why the system /Myhub randomly assigns drivers to other subscription plans for vehicle classes above them?For example,If a scooter driver is selected for a courier service type and is being restricted to accept orders only for such service.Of which under my company I named courier service type which uses a scooter as standard.Then why a scooter driver can be randomly or automatically be assigned to top tier service types such as small cargo van, classic or medium cargo van whereas I restricted scooters from accepting orders of bigger vehicle classes that are above them?
Please advise accordingly because I noticed this trend from my side as I registered myself as a scooter test driver.
Thank you,
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Dear Keletsom,

We need to check the tariff settings of your company. Please, specify your exact company name in Onde light.


Dear Anna,

1Omphile Enterprise Logistics Co is my company name registered on the Onde.Light.When configuring tariffs on Myhub.I restricted bottom tier(courier) service type that uses a scooter to accept only orders of such service. However,for other service types above scooter.Im the one who chose which ones can accept orders of a scooter.For example, I allowed small cargo van, classic and medium cargo van to accept orders of a scooter.Then a Truck which is my top of the range service type.I allowed it to accept orders of Commercial minibus long, cargo minibus & medium cargo van respectively.Vehicle classes were set up in order of high ranking according to my rates per trip cost or order.
Thank you.

Dear Keletso,

I’ve checked your tariff settings and everything seems to be set up correctly in regards to drivers working on several tariffs feature. I also checked orders history of your driver in My hub, and the only order I’ve found is on Courier service type, which is correct as per the settings. Could you please share with us an example of the Order ID which was offered to a Courier driver by mistake?

This question also made me think that you are referring not to drivers working on several tariffs feature, but to driver plans. If this is the case, please note that you can move your drivers to a new driver plan instantly in My hub > Drivers > Driver plans > choose a plan > find the driver in the list > move him to a new plan. Step-by-step guide can be found here: Managing driver plans | Onde Help Center
In a driver’s profile in My hub, you can also choose which plan a driver should be moved to after the current one expires. If you do not specify the next plan, the current plan will be automatically extended.