Confirmation and receipt email to customer

Does customer that makes a oder by phone call get confirmation email and receipt of oder completion as well?

Hi, Bennie!

With Ondelight the customer can track the order and its status directly in the Web app.

There is no email or any receipt of order completion

Am requesting atleast you add a receipt for the operator. And the data for trips made through the operator aren’t saved :confused:. You can’t view them the following day.

Dear Sula,

Thank you for your suggestion. Please, note that you can track archived orders in your operator app using the “Search” option. You can search either by the driver’s phone number, the customer’s phone number or the order ID. You can also use your company reports to review all the orders for a certain period from 1 day to 1 month.

When it comes to sending receipts to the passengers who booked a ride through the operator, I am afraid it is not technically possible. Email address is not logged for such orders.