Dúvidas sobre valores do uso da plantaforma

Quais são os custos,que vou ter pra usar o seus serviços poderia,mim passar todas informações de taxas e valores ?

Outra dúvida !

Os aplicativos de motorista e passageiro tera minha logo marca na loja da play story ?

Dear Marceone

First 1000 trips per month for Ondelight clients are free of charge. The charges start automatically within the billing period linked to Ondelight panel launch to prod. All trips statistics is shown in Company billing. Order fee after 1000 per month is 1,9 %.

Ondelight solution does not include branded apps. You will be using generic apps with Onde branding. In case you are interesting in the development of your branded apps, that is for a separate fee. Let us know if you are interested and we will forward your contact to the business development manager.


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