Multiple Tariffs (Time of Day) & Zone Mapping

Hello, I am struggling to figure out how I’d be able to configure tariffs for Hackney/Black Cabs that operate under Council Tariff Rules.

If I create one tariff under ‘Black Cab’, the problem I’m facing is that there’s no option for multiple times to configure various rates.

For example; T1 (Tariff 1) starts at 6am till 6pm, then T2 starts from 6pm to 12am…and so forth…

How would I be able to implement this within the Onde Hub? The UK tariff system is very complex and requires a few more fields to work with in the hub in order to keep things simple.

The other thing I would like as a suggestion is being able to import mapping to help with zoning in the hub. As it stands you can only draw out maps manually, but given the region/local authority areas are quite zigzaggy, it’s more difficult to ensure the zones are accurate incase of any legal implications. Is there any way round this?

Dear Callum,

Please, try the functionality of Night rates: it will allow you to have different fee settings depending on the time of the day.Night rates | Onde Help Center

As for your second question, I’m afraid you cannot import zones to My hub. You have to draw them manually in the operational area editor. More details can be found here: Custom operational area configuration | Onde Help Center