Using PickmeApp: how to order rides

The PickmeApp allows passengers to quickly place an order through an easy-to-use, functional application. And the best part is: the app’s free for all Onde.Light users!

Here’s how to set up a passenger’s account on the PickmeApp and place an order in just a few easy steps.

H2: Registering for PickmeApp

First, download the PickmeApp from the app store.

Here’s the direct link to download the PickmeApp for Android

Here’s the direct link to download the PickmeApp for iOS

To register a PickmeApp passenger account, launch the application on your device and enter your phone number in the app, as shown on the picture below. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and press “Request code.”

An SMS code will be sent to your mobile phone for verification. Enter this code in the designated field. Ready: you can book your first ride!

Navigating the app

The application is all you need to book a ride:

  • The main screen is a map with all the necessary information, including your pick-up area;
  • The app calculates the ride prices automatically;
  • On the left of the screen, there’s an easy-to-use panel with all the features you need to book a ride: orders overview (My orders), and Settings.

Ordering a ride

On the home screen, you can place an instant order or pre-order a ride for later.

To book an instant ride, tap “Order now,” then enter your pick-up and drop-off locations. You can also choose a point on the map instead of typing out the address.
If the company working with PickmeApp in your area provides various service types, you can choose the type of service that fits your needs most: classic, premium, and so on.

You can only pay your PickmeApp ride orders with cash.

You can also leave a note to the driver. This feature is handy when you need to file requests such as child seats, wheelchair accessibility, or extra luggage room.

The most fitting driver will receive your order. After you confirm, the driver will arrive at your pick-up location.

Pre-ordering a ride
To pre-order a ride, tap on the clock icon on the home screen. Enter the date and time of the order, pick-up and drop-off locations, choose the service type and the payment method, and confirm the order. You will receive an app notification once the order has been assigned to a driver.

Finishing a ride

In case your plans change, you can cancel an order. Note: A cancellation fee may apply.

Once at the destination point, you can finalize the trip. You will be shown the payment window with the ride’s price. You can view the trip details (tap the button in the upper left corner of your screen).

The price is auto-calculated according to the company tariff settings for the service type of your choice. You can view your trip receipts in the My orders tab. The receipt details include: the distance, the duration, and the ride’s total. Extra costs can apply if your driver needs to pay for parking or toll. Extra costs are always specified in the receipt.

How are orders distributed in the PickmeApp?

You are always shown the lowest rate for the chosen service first. The intelligent queue algorithm makes sure you always get your ride at a sharp price.

You’re now all set up to make easy and comfortable rides with PickmeApp. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!